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Global eye care targets endorsed by the Member States at the 74th World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly endorsed the global targets for effective coverage of refractive errors and cataract surgery to be achieved by 2030  – namely, a 40 percent increase in coverage of refractive errors and a 30 percent increase in coverage of cataract surgery. These targets will play a key role in increasing global eye care coverage in the future while delivering quality services. 

Globally, more than 800 million people have distance impairment (i.e. myopia and hypermetropia) or near vision impairment (i.e. presbyopia) that could be addressed with an appropriate pair of spectacles. An estimated 100 million people have moderate-to-severe distance vision impairment or blindness that could be corrected through access to cataract surgery. 

Interventions that address the needs associated with uncorrected refractive error and unoperated cataracts are among the most cost-effective and feasible health interventions available. Key challenges in meeting the growing demand for these interventions include the ability to provide services for underserved populations and ensuring quality service delivery.

Achieving these targets requires the combined and proactive efforts of all stakeholders including governments, civil society, international organizations, intergovernmental organizations, and the WHO Secretariat working together in innovative ways to address the population’s eye care needs. These needs do not just relate to cataracts and refractive errors but are also associated with a range of other common eye conditions such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy. 

Source: WHO(World Health Organisation)

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