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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2022!

As the year draws to an end, our RIIO residents sat their end-of-semester examinations this afternoon. We wish them success and look forward to what the year holds for each of them. To mark the end of the year, our residents and staff, had a celebration and awards lunch together. […]

Dr Duaa Sharfi visits RIIO

Dr Duaa Sharfi MD is an American and currently a global ophthalmology fellow. She works with Dr. Jacquelyn O’BANION at the Emory Eye Center. She is visiting RIIO from 9th November 2021 to 10th December 2021 . During her stay she will attend RIIO’s training program and community activities for […]

Dr. John and Prof. Ciku induct new RIIO Residents

RIIO Directors, Dr, John and Prof. Ciku inducted our 3rd cohort of residents. RIIO is happy to welcome them. This year our cohort is comprised of two Rwandans and two Kenyans . Keep your eyes out for our next #gettoknowourresidents series on our social media platforms where we’ll share more […]

Dr. John performs 3 Cornea Transplants at the RIIO@Kibagabaga COmmunity Eye Clinic

Mr Klaus Renken, the founder of Cornea–Help e.V. Wiesmoor is visiting Rwanda; during his visit he witnessed 3 Cornea transplant surgeries that happened on 15th at RIIO@KIbagabaga Community Eye Clinic. Two young boys and one girl were the beneficaries. They are all studying in secondary school and had problems with their sight […]

Dr. John leads Cataract Outreach

Professor John Nkurikiye is leading a surgical team composed by Dr Eliza a fellow of the Global Ophthalmology from Wills Eye Hospital and RIIO Residents are currently at the Butaro Hospital for cataract outreach program. Will update you soon about the numbers of cataract surgeries done.

Wills Eye Global Ophthalmology Fellow, Dr. Eliza Barnwell invited to RIIO

Dr. Eliza Barnwell, MD, MSCR, is a Wills Eye Global Ophthalmology Fellow. Dr. Barnwell will spend the next two months at RIIO, during her time here, she will attend RIIO training programs and community activities for the prevention of blindness in Rwanda. She has spent her first few weeks working […]

Prof. John Nkurikiye gives a lecture to future OCO’s at the Unversity of Rwanda

Professor John Nkurikiye at the University of Rwanda for a lecture with year 2 students/future OCOs. He took them through the Journey and progress of Eye health in Rwanda.

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The situation of   COVID-19 occurred in the past year and has continued until now has been a crisis that no one expected.  Despite all challenges we have encountered, RIIO has been able to impact the lives of 3,456 People during the reporting period by providing  quality eye health solutions  […]


We’d like to thank everyone who has submitted applications for our residency program. Our applications are closed and successful candidates will be notified shortly by our applications team.

Global eye care targets endorsed by the Member States at the 74th World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly endorsed the global targets for effective coverage of refractive errors and cataract surgery to be achieved by 2030  – namely, a 40 percent increase in coverage of refractive errors and a 30 percent increase in coverage of cataract surgery. These targets will play a key role […]