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At RIIO, we believe that Eye Health workers are the heart and soul of eye care delivery systems. Africa in general, and Rwanda in particular, is faced with a chronic shortage of trained personnel. RIIO contributes to what is needed to bridge the gap by supporting training a various levels.

Join our Residency Program

The Rwanda international Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO), a constituent institution of the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COECSA), plans to offer a four-year ophthalmology residency program combining clinical training, academic activities, and research opportunities. The residents will be awarded a fellowship of the College (FCO-ECSA) which is a regional qualification

The Call for applications for the  INTERNATIONAL OPHTHALMOLOGY SPECIALIST FELLOWSHIP  are now closed. They will reopen soon.

The fellowship is a program of the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern Central and Southern Africa (COESCA).


Watch this space for application details


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Our Objectives:

  • Establish a residency program with open access – both in terms of entrance to the residency and comprehensive support for student success once they are in training
  • Ensure that students build upon their capacity to become self-directed, intentional and continuous learners
  • Support mid-level training for eye health professionals
  • Provide Continuous Medical Education (CME) and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
  • Assure that our students meet international certification standards while remaining locally relevant
  • Design effective learning experiences by identifying our students’ strengths and needs within the curriculum
  • Select the best and most appropriate ways of promoting effective education and invest in high-quality learning resources for our students in classes, in clinics and on distance learning platforms
  • Embrace ICT-related education resources and choose technology that promotes and enhances learning
  • Forge networks of expert trainers from around the world