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Internships and Volunteering

RIIO offers unpaid internships and clinical placements for young students interested in health research or social sciences. Placements range from 2 weeks to one year. We have hosted a variety of interns from local universities as well as international fellows. Check out our previous interns. For more information and to apply, please fill out this form.



“I am brimming with gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with the Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology. The incredible mentorship from Dr. Mathenge and Dr. Nkurikiye, as well as the opportunities for growth and creativity have played an integral role in shaping both my academic and professional endeavours.”

– Siobhan Lazenby, McGill University

(Volunteer in 2006, Intern in 2014, OceanPath Fellow 2015-2016)

Previous Interns