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Class 2027

RIIO residents, class of 2027

Dr ANNA Major

Emerging from the serene Caribbean Island of The Bahamas, Anna Major stands as a first-year post-graduate resident at the Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO). Her fervor for ophthalmology took root during her medical school days that was sparked by a poignant encounter with a young mother grappling with the harsh reality of irreversible vision loss due to uncontrolled diabetes. As Anna embarked on her chosen career trajectory, she actively engaged in numerous ophthalmic research projects and altruistic endeavors, both as a medical student and as a practicing physician.

Before her enrollment at RIIO, Anna dedicated six years to the ophthalmology division at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Nassau, The Bahamas.  Anna clings resolutely to the profound words of Nelson Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This principle underpins her decision to join RIIO’s residency program. Anna eagerly anticipates the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed to address the ophthalmic gaps prevalent in The Bahamas. Her ultimate aspiration and fervent passion lie in serving the people of The Bahamas, by contributing to the restoration of their sense of self-reliance and autonomy through the invaluable gift of sight.

Beyond her tireless dedication to her patients, Anna finds solace in spending quality time with her loved ones, nurturing her Christian faith, chronicling her thoughts through journaling, honing her culinary skills in the kitchen, and actively engaging in community outreach initiatives.

Dr Jean de Dieu Ntivuguruzwa

In 2019, he was deployed at Butaro Hospital as an intern Medical Doctor for a period of 12 months, from where after he was deployed at Byumba Distric Hospital by Rwanda MOH as a General Practitioner (02/08/2021). Since then he started searching information on how he can find a school of Ophthalmology, after finding that there is a large gap of ophthalmologists in different hospitals (including where I was practicing).

Dr Jean de Dieu came to find information about RIIO and got requirements for application then applied on Jan, 14th, 2022. After passing the exams given and he was called to join the residency as they started on August 28th, 2023. However, before joining RIIO, he really knew little about ophthalmology as they rotated not much in that department during medical training. After joining the program, he started acquiring some knowledge and skills through lectures, self-readings and clinical activities being conducted at Kibagabaga Hospital- the training site and he is eagerly anticipating to acquire enough knowledge and skills during the whole course of training, with passion to help Rwandans and even neighbors in need of eye care.

Beyond his tireless dedication to patients, and readings, Jean de Dieu Ntivuguruzwa is used to spend time with his loved family, enjoys playing some musical instruments and worshiping Almighty God as a Christian.


I am Dr. Moise ISHIMWE SEBIKARI, PGY 1 Resident at Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology RIIO. I chose to join ophthalmology because I found scarcity of ophthalmology in developing countries, especially here I Rwanda, yet a huge number of people with eye diseases, some of them which are totally avoidable and treatable, and I found in myself one of the answer.Since then I looked for the opportunity to help me to achieve my dreams that is when I knew RIIO, and applied for Resident in ophthalmology. Unfortunately for the first time in 2021, I did not pass well but also I had kept trying to do application because of the way I really liked ophthalmology. Later one I Applied again in 2022, I did exams and a got admission in 2023.

After joining the program, I was so happy but to study has never been easy but with determination, courage, help that I am getting from school staffs, senior resident, and training centers, I wish everything will go well and I will achieve my dream of becoming an ophthalmologist and help in restoring sight and improving vision in general.