Located at TEE OFF TOWER KG 9 AVE house No 120 / PO BOX 312 Kigali

For RIIO School Call 0791504717, for RIIO Hospital Call 0788321109 administration@riio.org



A. Give our students the best support, facilities and opportunities

  • In recognition of our limited human and physical resources, we embrace innovations and technological solutions in all of our training practices to improve efficiency.
  • We aim for the highest quality of interactions between academic staff and students.

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B. Deliver quality patient-centered care grounded in equity

  • We consistently strive to provide the best health outcomes and experiences for all of our patients by using the latest technologies.
  • We go above and beyond to provide education and accessible information so that our patients are able to make well-informed decisions with their doctors.

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C. Diversify our financing options

  • Strong financial performance is absolutely critical to the success of RIIO; we deliver the best value given the resources that are available to us.
  • We balance spending maximally on service delivery with appropriate expenditures on recurring costs and investments in necessary infrastructure, such as IT and library resources.

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D. Communicate and engage effectively with our partners and patients

  • To ensure that RIIO remains fully immersed in this increasingly interconnected world, we transparently share our values and the results of our work with our communities, our students and our patients.
  • We promote RIIO as a centre of excellence in Rwanda and in the Region and we ensure that our novel insights and solutions are disseminated to appropriate policymakers and practitioners
  • Our future successes are underpinned by our engagement with, and understanding of, new audiences and channels of communication

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