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Outreach of RIIO residents and faculties at Butaro Hospital

The operated patients were happy as they were blind before and can see after surgery. This include a 27year old male who since birth was blind and he could see after being operated.

Sight For School Project in Nyarugenge Distrcit, Kigali City

RIIO in collaboration with Direct Aid has launched a project called Sight for School Project. This project is being carried out in the Nyarugenge district, city of Kigali, in 13 selected schools. Its aim is to conduct eye screening and provide treatment for cases detected.

Introduction of Sight for School project in Nyarugenge district

RIIO, in collaboration with Direct Aid Rwanda and Nyarugenge District, convened a workshop with head teachers from 15 different schools in Nyarugenge district.

Workshop and scientific trip of RIIO residents and faculties in Ethopia

Staff eye screening at Four Points Hotel

RIIO seeks for increasing the awareness of different people in different sectors about the eye care and its abnormalities prevention and treatment.


RIIO-KIBAGABAGA Community Eye Clinic & Cataract Outreach Program

SCHOOL FOR SIGHT PROJECT & Car free zone screening

RIIO in collaboration  with MOH and Direct Aid Rwanda , Conducted  Eye school screening  which covered 15 selected from government and non-government primary and secondary schools from Gasabo District .

Kigali Car Free Day is a twice monthly event held on the first and third Sunday of every month. On this day, several roads are blocked off for people to walk, run or cycle freely without interference from motorbikes or vehicles.


COECSA  has developed and administered its own written exams to supplement the current Clinical Exam.


To ensure primary eye care program is strengthened and sustained, The Ministry of Health has commissioned Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology to train a core group of National trainers who will then roll out (cascade) the PEC training across the country.


Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO) is in partnership with the Ministry of Health Rwanda (MOH) to support academic and Professional excellence in Rwanda .


RIIO  offers  opportunities for Eye care health Professionals across the country to benefit from Continuing Professional development while at work it is in this regards that a CPD SEMINAR ON NEURO OPHTHALMOLOGY was organized by RIIO in May 2023.


RIIO Offers to his residents  opportunities to take for Medical Elective abroad and learn directly from Experienced eye doctors in real-world situations.


RIIO is constantly striving to develop sustainable, structured and strategic partnerships with local, national and international organizations, as well as private enterprises.



October 8th – World Sight Day

  • World Sight Day (WSD) is an international day of awareness to focus on the global issue of avoidable blindness and visual impairment
  • RIIO supports the theme for WSD 2015: Universal Eye Health!
  • For World Sight Day 2015, RIIO visited Rwanda’s Diabetes Education Centre. Run by the Rwandan Diabetes Association, this centre provides training and education for youth living with Type 1 diabetes in Rwanda.

September – RIIO Completes the first National Survey of Blindness in Rwanda

  • In September, RIIO completed the first National Survey of Blindness in the country
  • Preliminary results show that cataract continues to be the leading cause of blindness in Rwanda and that 80% of blindness is avoidable

August 8th – RIIO Hosts German Ambassador to Inaugurate Cornea-Help Partnership

  • RIIO is thrilled to be in partnership with Cornea-Help – an organization based out of Weismoor, Germany that focuses on corneal transplants for people living in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Cornea-Help has been active in Liberia, Kenya, South Sudan, the Ivory Coast and now, Rwanda.
  • RIIO and Cornea-Help will be working on a project to secure corneal transplants for children Rwanda