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Dr. Karl Golnik Visits RIIO

We hosted Dr. Karl Golnik this past week. Dr. Karl Clifford Golnik is an American trained Ophthalmologist who is a volunteer faculty with Orbis Africa a partner organization dedicated strengthening eye health systems across sub Saharan Africa towards eliminating preventable and treatable eye health impairment. During his time at RIIO, he spent some time teaching our residents.He spent the past week with our residents. His visit was made possible due to continued support from our partner Orbis Africa.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Karl Golnik Visits RIIO”

  1. This is a very good way of training. Being ophthalmologist remains my dream, as the sight remains of great consideration in the humans life. This way of training future ophthalmologists inside my country makes me feel happy and comfortable as we need and benefit care from them, not only rwandans but also the whole region. The sharing of experience from different seniors will help to provide high quality education. I really appreciate the fruits from RIIO and its partners, in this context Orbis Africa.

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