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Class of 2022

I am Dr. Fidele Amani MUGISHA a 3rd year resident at RIIO. 2 years before I join RIIO; I had noticed the discrepancy between the number of ophthalmologists and preventable blindness in Rwanda. This was after reading the ‘’ RWANDA STRUGGLES TO TREAT ITS BURDEN OF BLINDNESS’’ article published in2011 in the Canadian medical association journal (CMAJ). Since then, the love and passion for ophthalmology started and kept increasing up to the time that I applied and was selected in the first cohort of residents admitted to pursue ophthalmology at RIIO in 2018. Before joining RIIO as many residents joined ophthalmology; I did not know much about the ophthalmology specialty. Now being a 3rd-year resident I am grateful and thankful for the education and opportunities offered at RIIO so far. Besides tutorials and rotations in different hospitals in Rwanda, I have successfully passed ICO exams part 1A and B. I have attended international electives, conferences (WOC, COECSA, etc.), and training. During rotations, I have learned to perform several investigations and procedures. I have been exposed to several and various cases in different subspecialties. Socially it was my chance to know different personalities in the field of ophthalmology. Through RIIO we have got a chance to have access to several online learning platforms in ophthalmology. Especially During the strict lockdown period due to COVID-19; RIIO has organized virtual courses. I personally have liked and enjoyed it because most of the presentations were interactive and prepared in module-like courses while staying home and safe. All these opportunities have enriched my clinical knowledge, my surgical as well as clinical skills needed for me to go to the next level up of my training. With the above facilities and opportunities, I believe that my vision of becoming a good ophthalmologist will come true. Therefore, for the remaining period of my training, I am planning to strive hard to acquire new knowledge as well as keep digging on the one already acquired. I am planning to focus on learning and doing more surgeries and procedures. I know that behind every successful man there is hard work; discipline and perseverance. Therefore I will keep working hard and consulting my teachers and colleagues as a foundation of ICO and COECSA exam preparation.

I am Dr. Moise HABINEZA, a third-year Ophthalmology resident at Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology (RIIO). When I started my residency in Ophthalmology in 2018, many things (including knowledge, instruments, diseases,) were new and unfamiliar to me as we only rotate a few weeks in the department of Ophthalmology during undergraduate medical training. Now in postgraduate year 3, I have acquired more knowledge and skills through not only lectures and self-reading but also rotations and electives in different Hospitals across Rwanda (Dr. Agarwal Eye’s Hospital, Kabgayi, Rwamagana, CHUK, Rwanda Military Hospital, and Kibagabaga) and abroad (Kenyatta National Hospital/ Nairobi- Kenya). During these clinical rotations, I acquired not only clinical and surgical skills but also a cultural experience. I also learned how public and private hospitals operate. In Nairobi, I had experience working in pediatric and Oculoplastic departments; and I interacted with other residents and different Ophthalmology consultants. I had an opportunity to assist in many surgical procedures that I have not seen before, especially in the oculoplastic department. Moreover, I had an opportunity to attend the World Ophthalmology congress 2020 (virtual) and the COECSA congress 2019; which allowed me to listen to various sessions presented by the highly ranked consultants in the field of Ophthalmology. Furthermore, I had a good experience of online learning by attending very interesting e-learning sessions provided by the RIIO faculty. Especially during this period of lockdown due to COVID 19, I enjoyed live online lectures and exams given by RIIO. As a resident at RIIO, I did not have any interruption of studies because of this pandemic, as lecturing continued as it was scheduled using this online platform. I am grateful to RIIO Directors for letting this happen. All these learning tools enriched me with tangible knowledge, skills, and experience as a resident in Ophthalmology. As a result, I successfully passed the basic science ICO tests including Visual science and Optic, Refraction, and Instruments. Additionally, I managed to move to the next residency academic levels and to become more confident in managing ophthalmology cases and doing some minor ophthalmology surgical procedures. This third year I am hoping to improve my surgical and clinical skills while preparing for the clinical part of the ICO test. In the long-term, I want to become a good Ophthalmologist who can confidently serve my country as we are having a shortage of Ophthalmologists in Rwanda.

My name is Jean Pierre BYUKUSENGE, Medical Doctor, I’m a third-year Resident at Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology, RIIO. It has always been my desire to become an Ophthalmologist, to be able to fight avoidable blindness, especially in developing countries where the number of ophthalmologists is still limited. Joining the Ophthalmology Residency Program at RIIO was an opportunity for me to realize my dreams. Thanks to RIIO consultants who have helped and who are still helping me through this journey. With their teaching support, I have passed ICO exams, visual sciences and optics, refraction, and instrument. I have hope I will pass ICO clinical exam in the coming year. Now that I can perform minor ophthalmic surgeries and some steps of major surgeries, I am looking forward to being able to perform cataract and glaucoma surgeries by the end of this third year. During the covid-19 lockdown, things have changed a lot, many schools temporarily closed but the training program at RIIO kept running in a well-organized way, through zoom. I covered an important module on statistics, epidemiology, and research with Professor Ciku Mathenge. I also got a chance to complete the module on fundamentals of diabetic retinopathy on cybersight which is an online training and mentorship service for eye health professionals in developing countries.

I am Emmanuel NSENGIYUMVA, a third-year ophthalmology resident at Rwanda International Institute of Ophthalmology. Over the last 2 years of residency, I have passed ICO exams: The visual sciences examination in ophthalmologyOptics, refraction and instruments examination in ophthalmology. During different medical electives, I developed competency in basic ophthalmic examination skills including diagnostic instrumentation. I also developed competency in managing uncomplicated non-surgical ophthalmic emergencies and basic surgical techniques. I also got exposure to all subspecialties such as anterior segment, glaucoma, vitreoretinal diseases, oculoplastics, neuro-ophthalmology, and pediatric ophthalmology. I attended many presentations from several scientific conferences covering new ideas, updates on clinical diagnoses and management. Those conferences include virtual world ophthalmology congress 2020, COECSA conferences 2019, etc. I have been able to attend RIIO online courses over the last 3 months. E-learning provides me with an opportunity to pursue my residency with no interruption particularly during this period of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to perform many surgeries, laser procedures and handle routine consults during this academic year. I will also keep reading for ICO clinical ophthalmology and COECSA fellowship examinations. With the high quality of education offered at RIIO, I strongly believe that I will be able to deliver high-quality eye care services in the region.